Living in California, we are always looking for the perfect beach sandal. During a trip to Copenhagen, we found it!

Danish brand, Shangies, has been a Hjom essential since we opened in 2017. You can choose from a huge selection of colors. There are also several styles for style and comfort. We love the jute insole which makes the sandal comfortable all day. Sand can be wiped right off the insole so it doesn't scratch your feet. You can even wash your Shangies with a soapy towel or sponge!

We promise, if you buy one pair of Shangies, you will come back to buy another!

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Mer Sea

We love the clever name of Mer Sea. It gives us a feeling of beach-life with a dose of gratitude.

Hjom carries Mer Sea, not only because we love their style, but also because of their commitment to making their products ethical and sustainable.

Whether you need a knit wrap for your holiday on the Riviera or a delicious candle to remind you of your trip, Mer Sea has it all.

Discover our selection of Mer Sea clothes, accessories and home, today!

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