brown long sleeve sweater worn over a tan a-line skirt with white sneakers
brown pullover knit sweater with sleeves folded by designer aiayu

My Pullover Sweater

$130.00 Regular price $330.00

Effortless and casual, this light structured pullover knit sweater is a true wardrobe staple. A button-up detail allows you to fold up the sleeves as an option. Wear with jeans or over an A-line skirt.


100% cashllama wool of finest selection, sourced and refined locally in Bolivia in a WRAP-certified factory.


Llama wool is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. Try simply airing your garment for a refresh. If you do need to wash your garment, we recommend hand washing with warm water using high quality wool soap. Avoid twisting, pressing, or squeezing the water out, and let the garment dry flat.