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6-In-1 Styling Paste

6-In-1 Styling Paste

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One product, six benefits: Texturizes, Holds, Shapes, Nourishes, Protects, Shines Introducing Virtue’s 6-In-1 Styling Paste, leveraging the enormous success of our 6-n-1 Styler, this do-it-all superstar makes styling short hair simple. With our Alpha Keratin 60ku® to strengthen, soften and smooth, and lightweight polymers, for molding and memory, it amplifies hair’s natural layers, leaving it looking thicker and denser. It’s everything short hair needs, in a simple lightweight paste. We can’t help but call it perfection. Use a little for low shine and touchable hold, or a lot for a sleeker more polished look. Medium hold.

WHO IS IT FOR? All men and women with short hair

WHAT IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE? The six things short hair needs, in one perfect product. Texturizes, Holds, Shapes, Nourishes, Protects, Shines.

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