Dim Gray Emilia Throw Pillow Pink
Dim Gray Emilia Throw Pillow Pink
Gray Emilia Throw Pillow Pink

Emilia Throw Pillow Pink

Beautiful, mauve quilted cushion made of 100% cotton velvet and designed with a stylish Art Deco leaf pattern. Change the expression of any room with this decorative cushion, which measures 20 in x 20 in. The cushion is the very best combination of comfort and aesthetic. It is therefore perfect for the modern home, where there must be room for fun and games, but at the same time there is a focus on style and interior design.

Inside the beautiful pillow case on all our cushions you’ll find an inner pillow that is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

NB: Always protect your textiles from strong spotlights and direct sun to minimize the risk of fading colours.