Bathing Salt Pouch

Bathing Salt Pouch


Night Bloom
Sacred Wood - Milk

Handmade bathing milk and salts by Scottish beauty line, Aster & Bay. 

Float away on a wave of skin-softening coconut milk scented with essential oils distilled from the sacred woods of Scotland, Japan, and South America. Each arboreal oil is associated with spiritual practices and purification rituals. We have combined these oils with the milky sweetness of coconut to delight the senses and relax the body. Excellent for bathtime meditations. 

The signature scent of Night Bloom Bathing Salts is our interpretation of a floral which is not overly sweet but rather captures the true essence of flowers in the garden at night, with notes of earth, smoke, and wet leaves. Himalayan pink salt and Hawaiian lava salt are blended with dried petals to create a truly sensorial form of bathing. 

Greenhouse Bathing Salts
Enhance your bathtime ritual with this blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, garden herbs, pure plant oils, and French Green clay. Inspired by nature, these bathing salts were designed for their ability to invoke the scent of a greenhouse when added to your tub.

How to Use: Add desired amount to bath once the tub has been filled. Disperse the salts with your hand, step in, and enjoy. Keep water out of container and store away from the bath when not in use.