Lavender Pillow Inserts
Lavender Pillow Inserts
Lavender Pillow Inserts

Pillow Inserts


Professional designer pillow inserts in two different down fills. 


R-TEX Down/Feather Pillow Inserts 10/90
  • 10% White Goose Down,
    90% White Goose Feather fill.
  • A little firmer and less expensive than our 25/75 Down/Feather Pillow inserts.
  • Pillows can be karate chopped.
  • Bed Pillows give firm support if used as sleeping pillows.

R-TEX Down/Feather Pillow Inserts 25/75

  • 25% White Goose Down,
    75% White Goose Feather fill.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • 100% Cotton, 233 thread count, soft luxurious down-proof cover.
  • Fill is washed with extra cleaning steps and adheres to our strict cleanliness standard.
  • All pillows except neckrolls have single needle, double stitched seams.
  • All pillow sizes are the measurements taken from the pillow casing before stuffing. Pillow sizes will vary after stuffing. For extra-full look, use one size larger.
  • Bed Pillow sizes are ideal for Sham inserts.
  • Every lot is tested for cleanliness & down percentage.