Silky Foot Talcum Powder

It creates a second skin on your epidermis and protects it through two types of action: an antiseptic and parasiticide protection and an anti-inflammatory action. It is particularly efficient against perspiration.

How to Use:

Apply on clean skin before you put on socks or stockings, by dusting product all over skin. Spread the excess of talcum under foot arch and between toes, to avoid overheating and allergies.
Repeat daily, or several times a day if necessary. Your skin will thus look silky and healthy.

Active ingredients:

  •  Kaolin absorbs. It is a natural source of trace elements.
  •  The essential oil of sage, the queen of medicinal plants, is both antiseptic and toning
  •  The essential oil of cypress soothes the overheated feet, which can provoke athlete’s feet


1.7 fl oz