Sleep Mask Tan Body - Dark

JR Sleep Mask Tan Go Darker Body


  • Colorless, vitamin enriched gel infused with Black Rose Extract to brighten and refresh the skin
  • Easy to apply Fast drying formula
  • Color lasts 5 days jam-packed with luxury skincare ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid,
  • Sleep Mask Dark Body treats your skin to a firming, plumping and hydrating experience.
  • Infused with extracts of precious Black Rose, this overnight tanning mask penetrates deep within the skin to revitalise, nourish and soften.

How to Use:

Before Application:

  • Shave or wax 24 hours before application
  • Thoroughly exfoliate skin
  • Moisturize dry or rough areas


  • Using a Tanning Mitt, work in sections and apply to the body in circular motions
  • Ensure the product has been applied all over; leave feet and hands until last using what remains on the mitt
  • Wait until the skin is touch dry before dressing
  • Avoid contact with water for 8 hours